New Products

Every year, innovative scientifically proven, effective products are added to the Lamberts product list. New products include vitamins, minerals, their complexes, herbal preparations, enzymes and other evidence-based compounds. Lamberts’ production principles are science-centric, developing only products that are supported by the right effects, efficiencies and current scientific research. All products placed on the market comply with drug standards as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Tule punti!

Kaotada pole Sul midagi, aga võita on:

  • kuuled esimesena sooduskampaaniatest;

  • saad personaalseid pakkumisi ja soodustusi, mida mujal ei avaldata;

  • jagame spetsialistide nõuanded toidulisandite valikul ja tarvitamisel;

  • ja palju palju muud.

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