Lamberts official online store and distribution channel in the Baltic States is owned by MPharma OÜ (registration code 14229338, Vabriku 3-8 Tallinn 10411).

General Ordering/Subscription Terms

General Terms and Conditions apply to the legal relations arising from the ordering of food supplements based on the ordering environment (hereinafter referred to as the Online store) of MPharma OÜ (hereinafter referred to as MPharma) on the Internet site;;;; In addition to these General Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of the Customer and MPharma are governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Estonia, the price list of e-shop supplements and well-established good practices.

1. dddProcedures for ordering food supplements

1.1 To order dietary supplements, the Subscriber (Customer) does not need to register himself/herself as a user of MPharma (Lamberts) Internet Environment (hereinafter referred to as the Internet Environment).

1.2. The customer chooses the desired supplement/s, determines the amount of each supplement, chooses the suitable payment and delivery method and confirms the order.

1.3. The price of the supplements ordered does not include shipping costs.  The cost of shipping depends on the delivery method chosen by the Contracting Authority (Customer).

1.4. The Customer can pay for the Goods via the Internet bank link, Paypal and Paysera.

1.5. The Order is confirmed once the payment has been done by the Customer and received by MPharma. MPharma notifies the Customer by e-mail, when the order comes into force.

1.6. The ordered Goods will be delivered by MPharma in accordance with the chosen delivery method by the Customer, either:

  • Omniva parcel terminal;
  • SmartPOST (Itella) parcel terminal;
  • DPD Pickup
  • Courier;
  • Or some other way indicated in the ordering environment of the online store.

The delivery method can only be altered/changed if the parcel has not left the warehouse and fees will apply.

1.7. If the order is completed and paid for on business days before 1 PM, and if the order contains food supplements available in our warehouse in Estonia; DPD, Omniva, Itella SmartPost or the courier will deliver the goods to the pickup unit chosen by the Client throughout Estonia within the next business day. Depending on the selection of the chosen delivery method, the average delivery time is 1-4 business days in Estonia, 1-5 business days in Latvia and 1-6 business days in Lithuania. In other cases, the delivery time for the order is up to 20 working days. Upon arrival of the order, a text message will be sent to the Client’s mobile phone and to the email address containing the information about the location of the parcel terminal, opening hours and personalized door code. When entering the code on the parcel terminal touch screen, the parcel door opens, and the Customer can withdraw the parcel. The shipment is deposited free of charge in the Omniva, DPD or Itella SmartPOST parcel machine for 7 calendar days, from the time the message arrives to the Client’s mobile and email address. After 7 days, the package will be automatically sent back to Lamberts’ warehouse and upon new/repeated delivery additional fees will apply.

1.8. The DHL/Omniva/Itella/DPD/Venipak or other Courier service will deliver the parcel to the address indicated by the Client within the territory of Estonia in 1-4 business days, Latvia in 1-5 business days and Lithuania in 1-6 business days, if the order is completed on the working day before 1 PM and the order contains food supplements present in Estonian warehouse.  In other cases, delivery time for the order is up to 20 working days. In case the courier cannot reach the Client by phone, the notice of the address indicated by the Client will be omitted and the food supplements will be delivered to the Client from the nearest post office. The post office will store the shipments for 7 calendar days from the day the package arrives to the post office. After 7 days, the Order will be cancelled and a handling fee of 5 euros will be charged by MPharma.

1.9. In case of cancellation, change, exchange and re-sending of the same parcel, MPharma withholds a handling fee of 5 euros, plus a delivery fee depending on the choice of delivery method made by the customer.

1.10 MPharma assumes that the Customer who placed the order accepts the goods at the address of delivery of the goods. MPharma has the right to transfer the goods at the delivery address to another person who can be reasonably considered by the Courier to be the Customer’s representative (a family member, in the case of agencies – a secretary, security guard, etc.).

1.11 The risk of damage and destruction of the goods passes to the Customer upon assignment of the goods, which is either delivery by the courier, in the post office after the Customer has signed and received the package or delivery of the goods to the Customer’s desired delivery (for example parcel machine).

1.12 MPharma is not responsible for defects in the goods that have occurred after the delivery (as mentioned in clause 1.10) and for deficiencies which arise in the food supplement in connection with the misuse or incorrect use of the Goods.

1.13 Food supplements, which are not present in the Estonian warehouse at the time of placing the Order will be delivered to the Customer within 20 business days.

1.14 If the order includes available food supplements and also the products not available in the stock at the moment of ordering, all products will be sent to the Customer in one package within 20 working days.

1.15 Food supplement prices include 20% VAT.

1.16. The delivery fee includes 20% VAT.

1.17. If the VAT rate changes, the prices of the goods and the amount of the delivery fee are adjusted by the change in the VAT rate.

2. Registration procedure at the online store

2.1. In order to become a Customer of MPharma (Lamberts), one must register itself as an online user at;;;;

2.2. For registration, it is necessary to fill in all the fields given in the form in order to fulfil the delivery conditions and make sure the package reaches the client.

2.3. After registration, MPharma (Lamberts) sends the Client a notification letter to the e-mail address provided by the user, with instructions to activate the user account.

2.4. After activating the user account, the Client can enter the MPharma (Lamberts) Internet environment with the user-specified username and place orders for food supplements.

 *Orders can be placed also without registration.

3. Customer’s rights

3.1. The Customer has the right to order supplements from the online store at the price and fixed terms set by MPharma.

3.2. Food supplements sent to the Customer must be correct and complete and meet the conditions fixed by MPharma.

3.3. The Customer has the right to submit claims for ordered food supplements to MPharma (Lamberts) by e-mail address or within 14 calendar days from receiving the goods.

3.4. The Customer has the right to withdraw the order of the food supplements from the time of ordering until the receipt of food supplements within 14 calendar days (according to Estonian law).

3.5. According to Law of Obligations Act § 53 section 4 point 4 Goods with open packaging, used or damaged (incl. damaged packaging) are not subject to return (i.e. the Customer loses the right of withdrawal specified in clause 3.4), unless the packaging has been damaged during transport and upon receiving by the courier or post office. If the package has been damaged during transport, MPharma should be immediately notified of the damaged packaging.

3.6. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the amount paid for the purchase will be refunded, from which the Customer shall bear the costs related to the delivery of the Goods, if the Customer has chosen a delivery method that is not the most favourable delivery method in Estonia. In such a case, the Client shall bear the cost which exceeds the cost of the usual most favourable method of delivery. MPharma has the right to deduct the part of the fee in excess of the normal delivery fee from the amount returned to the Customer.

3.7. To cancel or return the order, the Client must submit an application in writing or by e-mail to MPharma. To cancel the order, the Client must indicate the bank account number and the name of the holder of the bank account to which the returned money is to be returned. MPharma does not do cash repayments. In case the Customer wishes to return the products, the products must be unused and not damaged. The return must be made immediately, but not later than 14 calendar days after the withdrawal application submission. MPharma returns the amount paid by the Client (except the delivery fee) no later than within 30 calendar days as of the date of withdrawal and receipt of undamaged and unused food supplements.

4. Obligations of the contracting authority (Customer)

4.1. In order to complete the order, the Customer is obliged to submit the data necessary for the execution of the order: first name and surname, exact address (street, house number, postal code, city/village /county), contact phone number and e-mail address.

4.2. In case the Customer and the recipient of the Goods are different, the Client must submit fixed data about recipient pointed out in clause 4.1.

4.3. In case the data provided by the Customer is faulty and /or incomplete and does not meet the requirements of clause 4.1., MPharma does not guarantee proper order fulfilment. If possible, MPharma will contact the Client to specify faulty or incomplete information.

4.4. Before using the Goods, carefully read the instructions for use of the Goods, the package leaflet, the label explaining the use of the Goods on the packaging and description together with the directions for use from the E-store site.

4.5 Upon completion of the order, the Customer confirms that he/she agrees to the conditions specified in these General Terms and Conditions and undertakes to complete them.

5. Rights of MPharma (Lamberts)

5.1. If the Customer fails to fulfill his/her obligations under these General Terms and Conditions, then MPharma does not guarantee the order entry into force and/or the proper dispatch of the Food Supplements.

5.2. If the Customer does not comply with the payment obligations correctly, MPharma has the right to disclose the Customer’s data in the Payment Alert Register.

6. Obligations of MPharma

6.1. MPharma undertakes to deliver correct and complete nutritional supplements to the Customer.

6.2.  MPharma undertakes to receive and document all the Customer’s claims.

6.3. MPharma undertakes to resolve the claim within 7 working days if the reasons for the complaint are not dependent on the Contracting Authority. If the cause of the complaint is caused by the Customer, then the Customer must immediately correct the deficiencies by oneself.

6.4. MPharma is committed to replacing faulty specimens of food supplements. MPharma is solely responsible for any manufacturing defects or other deficiencies that were present in the delivery of food supplements to the Contracting Authority (Customer).

6.5 MPharma shall not be liable for damage caused to the Customer, if the delivery of the goods is delayed due to circumstances beyond MPharma’s control and the arrival of which could not be foreseen, including delays in delivery due to possible technical failures in the online store (force majeure).

7. Other conditions

7.1 The pictures displayed next to the goods in the online store have illustrative meaning. The Customer has no right to return the goods because the photo of the packaging of the Goods presented in the online store does not correspond exactly to the delivered packaging of the goods, if otherwise the goods correspond to the order and the information displayed on the goods in terms of name, quantity and characteristics.

7.2. The availability of goods in the online store is subject to change without notice. If the Customer has paid for the goods and MPharma is unable to deliver them to the Customer due to the expiration of the goods, MPharma has the right to cancel the sale and return the money to the Customer’s current account within 14 days.

7.3. Disputes between the Customer and MPharma regarding the ordering and purchase of goods will be resolved through negotiations. If the negotiations do not produce the desired results or if You do not agree with the solution proposed by MPharma and You find that Your rights have been violated, You have the right to file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Committee through the Consumer Protection Board in Estonia or to a court. Contacting the Commission is free of charge for the Consumer and the consumer can lodge a complaint herself/himself or through a representative. The data of the Consumer Disputes Committee are available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board:

7.4 The Consumer Disputes Commission is an out-of-court body in Estonia,  resolving disputes between a consumer and a trader at the Consumer Protection Board, located at Pronksi 12, 10117 Tallinn, telephone 6201 920; The rules of procedure of the Consumer Disputes Committee are available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board at: committees.

7.5. All photos and information on the MPharma website ( are protected by copyright and their copying or other use without the consent of MPharma is prohibited.

If you have any questions, please call customer support at +372 5650 6025‬ or write an e-mail at (Estonian) or (International)