Selection of Lamberts products is available in Euroapteekides (Europharmacies) throughout Estonia. Pharmacists will assist you in finding the right product. Find out the locations of Euroapteek here:

MedTIM Private Clinic

You can buy a selection of Lamberts products at MedTIM Private Clinic. See more at clinic’s webpage MedTIM Erakliinik Lasnamäe Tervisemaja Linnamäe tee 3,…


Juuksetervisekeskuse (Hair Health Centre) trichologists help you to solve different health problems related to hair and scalp. Additionally they will provide you with professional advice how to take care of your hair. For more information please visit their webpage:


Herb is an e-store focused on vegetarian and vegan supplements. Lamberts offers a vast range of supplements for vegetarians as well as for vegans, therefore a selection of Lamberts products are sold on Herb e-store site as well. E-store

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
We can proudly say that since October 2019 we are a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI). It is the largest and most influential business representation organization in Estonia. The members of the organization are trustworthy entrepreneurs and the mission of ECCI is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia through business services and playing an active role in designing economic policy. More information about ECCI: