Minerals (Zn, Mg, Ca, K, I, Se, Cr, Mn, Fe, Si, etc.) are important for our body in the composition of bones, enzymes, body fluids and they also help to transmit nerve impulses. Although our bodies need small amounts of minerals, their daily dose is still necessary to ensure the regular and complete functioning of the body. Lamberts pure minerals are combined with a mild citrate salt, which ensures the best absorption and effect of the mineral.

Tule punti!

Kaotada pole Sul midagi, aga vƵita on:

  • kuuled esimesena sooduskampaaniatest;

  • saad personaalseid pakkumisi ja soodustusi, mida mujal ei avaldata;

  • jagame spetsialistide nƵuanded toidulisandite valikul ja tarvitamisel;

  • ja palju palju muud.

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