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Lamberts Eesti (juridical company MPharma OÜ) is an official distributor of Lamberts food supplements in the Baltic States. Our e-store offers almost all of Lamberts range and additionally you can find a range of Lamberts products in pharmacies throughout Estonia.

Lamberts Eesti  also unites a professional team: pharmacists, nutritionists, doctors and other specialists.

Our goal is to share professional information and give specialist advice on different health matters and help in choosing the right product.  We also cooperate with Estonian scientists and doctors in order to reach the best outcome in giving professional advice to our clients.

Our (MPharma OÜ) exclusive partner is Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. , UK’s top rated food supplement company, who has extensive clinical experience in product research, development,  manufacturing and daily practice.

If you have a professional interest in cooperation in the Baltics, please contact us via email  aadressil info@lambertseesti.ee


Established in 1982, Lamberts® is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist dietary supplements to Practitioners and Pharmacists who use nutrition and herbs in healthcare. Lamberts’ offers an extensive product range including vitamins, minerals, herbs, multiple formulas, fish oil and glucosamine as well as more specialised products.

All Lamberts® products are manufactured in the UK to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and approved by the UK Department of Health, so you can be assured that all our products are of the highest pharmaceutical standard.

Lamberts products are not just confined to the UK; but are represented in over 39 countries around the world and several distributors working overseas, predominantly in mainland Europe including Estonia (MPharma OÜ) Spain, Greece and the Netherlands.

So if you have been recommended to take Lamberts® products, then you can rest assured that you will be taking quality products endorsed by professionals in healthcare.


Lamberts® philosophy of healthcare is all about ‘sound’ science – we only develop products that are at the right potency and supported by a valid scientific rationale.

A supplement should deliver a concentrated dose of a nutrient/herb and the dose should be relevant, otherwise it will be ineffective.

  • Established 30 years ago
  • The UK’s most popular Practitioner brand
  • Lamberts also used by Pharmacists, hospitals, NHS
  • All products made to GMP quality in the UK
  • Formulas made to the potency demonstrated as effective in clinical studies.
  • Lamberts products are safe and provide the right strength of nutrients and herbs
  • A wide range of products aimed at professionals: amino acids, enzymes, herbal preparations, probiotics, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, sports products, etc.

Lamberts basic principles

  • Supplements must be safe
  • The nutrient dose must be relevant
  • The nutrients must be absorbable
  • The supplements must be made to GMP standards
  • The nutrients in the supplement must be stable



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