Heart Health

Supporting the heart to work includes promoting heart health through a healthy lifestyle as well as vitamins and supplements. It is important to choose a heart-healthy diet that includes antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, and supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 to help reduce the risk of heart disease and support heart function. B vitamins can also play an important role in controlling homocysteine levels and maintaining heart health.

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Natural Q10 form!
Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg
60 44,14 
Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg
60 49,91 

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Fenugreek 8000mg tablets
60 19,00 
Skin health!
Flax Seed Oil 1000mg
90 20,74 
Folic Acid 400 μg
100 9,87 
Green Tea 5000mg
60 27,71 
Hawthorn 2500 mg extract tablets
60 21,55 
High Strength Vitamin B12 1000 μg
60 15,54 
For men's health!
L-Carnitine 500mg
60 33,67 
MagAsorb® Magnesium powder (as Citrate) 375mg
165 g 28,60 
TOP product!
Magnesium 375mg
180 28,60 
60 15,54 
Metüülfolaat 400 μg
Methyl Folate 400µg
60 19,20 
Natural Form Vitamin E 250iu (168mg)
100 24,22 
Omega 3 Ultra Pure Fish Oil 1300mg
60 32,96 
B6-vitamiin (püridoksaal-5-fosfaat) 20 mg
P5P (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) 20mg
60 18,21 
Pulse Pure Fish Oil 1300mg + CoQ10 100mg
90 43,44 

The Health Academy

The food supplement must contain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral or herb in the correct concentrated amount needed to achieve the effective effect! The Lamberts product philosophy

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