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Why Lamberts?

Lamberts is one of the UK’s leading companies producing the highest quality premium supplements based on a thorough understanding of the latest nutritional research. Our products are manufactured to stringent pharmaceutical standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), ensuring the highest levels of purity, safety, quality, and efficacy in food supplements.

A food supplement must contain a nutrient, vitamin, mineral, or herb in the right concentrated amount required to achieve an efficient result!”

The philosophy of Lamberts Healthcare Ltd.


Lamberts ensures the efficiency of the product by guaranteeing the correct concentration of active ingredients and the correct dosing. Our science-based principles allow us to guarantee that using the supplement will provide the desired result.


The quality of the raw materials is of the utmost importance for Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. Based on this, all raw materials come only from carefully-selected and certified sellers, and they undergo several levels of purification, inspection, and testing.


At Lamberts, we only develop and produce products which are of an appropriate effect and strength, while ensuring that they are fully compliant with scientific principles which are being applied today.


Lamberts ensures that raw materials which are being used in our products are grown sustainably. We carefully check to see how the raw materials are processed by our suppliers in order to ensure the safety of the raw materials to human health and animals, and its sustainable effect on the environment.


All Lamberts products are free of genetically-modified organisms. We choose our raw material sources carefully to ensure the GMO-free production of our food supplements at all stages. This way we can guarantee that our food supplements are sublimely pure and are not hazardous to anyone's health. The majority of our products are also gluten-free and lactose-free, and are suitable for people with allergies, along with vegetarians and vegans.


Lamberts food supplements are produced in the United Kingdom utilising on the most stringent production standards and also 'Good Manufacturing Practice' (GMP), which ensure the supreme quality of the supplements, and the fact that they match requirements which apply to the production of medicinal products.


Lamberts has more than forty years of experience in the production and use of food supplements. Throughout the years, the company has become a leading food supplement provider with doctors, pharmacists, nutrition specialists, clinics, hospitals, and health-conscious people. The Lamberts brand is also represented in thirty-nine countries worldwide.
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Please note! The idea of a food supplement is that it has a higher nutrient concentration compared to food!

Quality, reliability, integrity

The integrity of Lamberts® as a trustworthy, high-quality brand is based on the philosophy of Lamberts, which only supports science-based production principles. Based on these manufacturing principles, supplements with the right potency and efficacy which are supported by valid scientific studies can be developed.

All Lamberts® products are manufactured in the UK to strict pharmaceutical standards (applicable to both over-the-counter and prescription medicines), in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and are approved by the UK Department of Health. Reliability is ensured by the appropriate definition of all Lamberts products by the Estonian Agency of Medicines and by registration of the products at the Estonian Agriculture and Food Board. The food supplements are also registered at the Latvian Food and Veterinary Board and the Lithuanian National Food and Veterinary Board.

When using the products of Lamberts®, you may rest assured that you are taking high-quality and clean products approved and developed by professionals!

Experience, research, internationality

Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has forty years of experience in both product manufacturing and practice. Today, the company is part of the globally renowned and respected Procter & Gamble (P&G) Group. The Lamberts® dietary supplements are present in thirty-nine countries around the world.

Lamberts products have been recognised and used by scientists, health professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, personal trainers, sports therapists, athletes, amateurs, and other experts in their field.

The product selection formulated on the basis of clinical studies is extremely versatile and professional, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, antioxidants, glucosamines, herbal preparations, amino acids, protein powders, and other specific product groups.

Lamberts in Estonia and other Baltic countries

The food supplements of Lamberts have been present in Estonia since 2017 and are available in many pharmacies, therapy rooms, and clinics across the country, as well as in online stores or physical stores of health-conscious resellers.

We are the official importer, representative, and online store of the dietary supplements of Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. in the Baltics. Lamberts Estonia (Baltic), a company that stretches over the three Baltic countries, was founded by a specialist in his field, a pharmacist. That is why the health, healthy lifestyles, satisfaction, and balance of people are very close to our hearts.

Our small but professional family includes pharmacists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other specialists in their field, who all believe and know that it is important to work together and support one’s body and mind to achieve the healthy balance we need in life.

Our aim is to introduce people to the different ways of taking care of their health, to help them choose supplements, to offer professional advice and, through these activities, to educate people. We also collaborate with Estonian scientists and physicians, as well as clinical advisors from Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. to ensure that we provide the best possible feedback to our customers.

Why Lamberts?

Lamberts has forty years of clinical experience in product development, manufacturing, and practice, therefore we can guarantee the highest purity, quality, and efficacy of our products. Lamberts is represented in thirty-nine countries around the world and the products of Lamberts are used by doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, clinics, and hospitals. With a range of almost 200 different products, everyone can find the right supplement to meet their needs and objectives.

GMP manufacturing principles

All Lamberts products are manufactured in the UK to strict pharmaceutical standards in line with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This means that food supplements must be safe and the nutrient dosage must be sufficient to ensure efficacy. The ingredients must also be stable and well-absorbed. Furthermore, the raw materials must be of a high quality and pure.

The Health Academy

The food supplement must contain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral or herb in the correct concentrated amount needed to achieve the effective effect! The Lamberts product philosophy

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