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The goal of our specialists at Lamberts is to offer professional advice to people and to recommend the highest quality food supplements and vitamins. We want to help you choose the right food supplements, find solutions to your health concerns, and offer professional advice.

You may be able to find an answer to your question from the "Frequently Asked Questions" page!

Visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" page

In order to allow us to give you the best and most appropriate advice possible, please make sure you provide us the following information:

  • Your age, gender, height, weight.
  • Have you used supplements before?
  • Which ones? How long?
  • Do you use any medication? Which ones?
  • Any chronic illnesses/complaints.
  • Advice from your doctor to alleviate any potential health problems.
  • Have you tested the vitamin and mineral levels in your body?
  • Dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances, diets, preferences, etc.)
  • Are you physically active?
  • Do you use tobacco products?

We always encourage our clients to contact a health specialist before starting to take any food supplements. Professional information and advice on different health matters and about product information will help You make the right decision for Your specific health conditions.

Monika Timberg, pharmacist, founder of Lamberts Estonia


The best way to contact us for us to give you a detailed answer is by email or by filling out the form below. Write to us and describe your health concern or any other question concerning food supplements and nutrition. We will help you, give you advice and recommend, if necessary, a suitable food supplement for you or your loved one.

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Our professional team of pharmacists, nutritionists, and other health specialists will help people find out through professional counselling whether and why it is necessary for you to take a food supplement. When dealing with health concerns, our specialists analyse each client on a case-by-case basis. The characteristics, needs, and other factors of the client are analysed to reach the best solution when making the most appropriate product choice, as well as when finding solutions to health concerns.

Our clinical advisers:

Monika Timberg
Pharmacist, clinical adviser

The Health Academy

The food supplement must contain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral or herb in the correct concentrated amount needed to achieve the effective effect! The Lamberts product philosophy

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