Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are essential for normal human functioning in certain amounts and with appropriate frequency of intake. The right and sufficient amount of vitamins in the body can protect and support us against a number of common health problems. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K are essential for the body. Lamberts vitamins are of high quality and contain vitamins in doses based on scientific research. Thanks to this, we can guarantee maximum quality and effect.

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A-Z vitamiinide ja mineraalainete kompleks
TOP product!
A-Z Multivitamin complex
60 13,80 
Tootepilt | Beetekaroteen 15 mg | Lamberts Eesti
Beta Carotene 15mg
90 18,96 

Who is Lamberts and what are we doing?

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Biotiin (vitamiin B7) 500 μg
Biotin (Vitamin B7) 500μg
90 15,54 
Liver support!
Choline Liver Complex
60 24,22 
Natural Q10 form!
Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg
60 44,14 
Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg
60 49,91 
Eyewise Eye Vitamins with Omega 3
60 31,46 
Eyewise with Lutein
60 28,24 
Folic Acid 400 μg
100 9,87 
High Strength Vitamin B12 1000 μg
60 15,54 
Tootepilt | Metüül bμg | Lamberts Eesti
Methyl B Complex
60 26,89 
Metüülfolaat 400 μg
Methyl Folate 400µg
60 19,20 
Multi-Guard OsteoAdvance 50+
120 36,88 
Tootepilt | Multi-Guard® Pregnancy vitamiinide ja mineraalainete kompleks naistele | Lamberts Eesti
Multi-Guard® Pregnancy
90 29,01 

The Health Academy

The food supplement must contain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral or herb in the correct concentrated amount needed to achieve the effective effect! The Lamberts product philosophy

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