Minerals ( Zn, Mg, Ca, K, I, Se, Cr, Mn, Fe, Si, etc.) are important for our body in the composition of skeleton, enzymes, body fluids and help to transmit nerve impulses. Even though our body needs minerals in small amounts, a daily intake of minerals is essential to ensure proper and complete functioning of the body. The pure minerals in Lamberts are combined with a mild citrate salt to ensure the best absorption and action of the mineral.

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A-Z vitamiinide ja mineraalainete kompleks
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A-Z Multivitamin complex
60 13,80 

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Kroomi kompleks 200 µg
Chromium Complex 200µg
60 19,09 
GTF Kroom 200 µg
GTF Chromium 200μg
100 19,09 
MagAsorb® Magnesium powder (as Citrate) 375mg
165 g 28,60 
TOP product!
Magnesium 375mg
180 28,60 
60 15,54 
Mangaan (tsitraat) 4 mg
Manganese (as Citrate) 4mg
100 13,80 
Mineraalainete kompleks Mega Mineral
Mega Mineral Complex
90 25,96 
Multi-Guard OsteoAdvance 50+
120 36,88 
Tootepilt | Multi-Guard® Pregnancy vitamiinide ja mineraalainete kompleks naistele | Lamberts Eesti
Multi-Guard® Pregnancy
90 29,01 

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The food supplement must contain the nutrient, vitamin, mineral or herb in the correct concentrated amount needed to achieve the effective effect! The Lamberts product philosophy

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